Five Minute Catechesis: Text and Commentary

Countering the Catechesis on the Roman Missal

A Critique of the “Five Minute Catechesis”

for use in parishes in the Archdiocese of Louisville

In 2010 the US Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a series of flyers for use by local dioceses to instruct Catholics about the upcoming changes in the eucharistic liturgy.

Some dioceses have used that information to create instructional materials to be used by local priests, liturgists and catechists. The Archdiocese of Louisville’s version of the materials is divided into eight segments, the first four of which are addressed here. Continue reading

Missal Timeline





By Rev. Robert Osborne

Louisville, Kentucky Continue reading

Statement of Convictions

A. We affirm without equivocation our acceptance of the Second Vatican Council as arguably the most significant ecumenical council in the history of the Roman Catholic Church.  In this context, we note for the record that the theological and pastoral preparation for liturgical reform spanned two decades and that, in a council drawing 2540 bishops, only  four voted against the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy—one-tenth of 1%.  That is significant!

B.   We state forthrightly and with no reservations our convictions  that the forthcoming Third Edition of the Roman Missal is fundamentally flawed on a number of bases: Continue reading

September 2010 letter to U.S. Bishops

In September 2010, members of the Louisville Liturgy Forum composed and mailed a letter to U.S. Bishops. This letter is reproduced below.

September 30, 2010

Dear Brother in Christ:

We are concerned and committed Catholics in the Archdiocese of Louisville, Kentucky, whose members include lay ministers, members of parish councils and worship committees, religious and priests. Ten parishes are represented and new people are joining us weekly.
Continue reading

About the Louisville Liturgy Forum

In March of 2010, priests and laity from multiple Louisville parishes began meeting to discuss and discern a pastoral response to the new English translation of the Third Edition of the Roman Missal.

The group has continued to meet monthly in order to remain up-to-date on the latest developments.

On June 19, 2011, members of the Forum elected  Michael Diebold and Joseph Martos as co-chairs of the LLF Advisory Board. Current members of the board are George E. Adams, David H. Bizot, Virginia Brown, James Butler, Theresa Butler, Jo Anne Feldman, Kent McMahan, and William Stewart. All are members of parishes in the Archdiocese of Louisville.

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